Off night

10 Mar

Tonight was a really rocky night. Rehearsal last night was off and I felt really unprepared. I need to figure out what happened. There were various communication SNAFU’s that can be addresses that added to the last minute feel of everything. Ever have an off night and you can’t really put your finger on why?

The band seemed more unprepared than usual, or maybe the worship leader kept changing things up on them. I don’t really know what their process is, but I know it didn’t work this week. Even tonight, we didn’t get a full run through because of last minute changes.

The turn went great though! Rock stars all – our volunteers are the best in the land. It was a complicated turn: 2 chain motors and one chain fall had to be moved, we built 60 feet of truss (in two configurations), hung 12 strips of plexiglass. 15 LED bricks, 6 300’s and 10 smaller LEDs, all cabled and ready for design. 3 of the volunteers have become proficient enough at the tautline hitch that we used so that the line is micro adjustable that the plex took no time at all. This is generally where our snag is on this type of turn – the knots. Education is paying off there.

The only snag was the getting the tie line – someone from another turn had not coiled them, just jumbled them together. I need to track that down, as it’s not the first time that has happened. There’s an educational opportunity there.


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