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27 Feb

Today was such a cool day. I am attending the Gurus of Tech conference with my team at Willow Creek next week and I was given the opportunity to come up early and spend the weekend with the WC production team. I got to sit in the booth with a com during rehearsal and the service and pepper their stage manager (the fabulous Chris Thomas) with questions. It was really eye opening, but not in the way that I had expected. As a colleague noted, Willow Creek is the mothership. It’s the church that many of our churches based our style on, the one that many look up to as the height of church production. So I suppose that I expected to be blown away by all that there was to learn.

I was completely underwhelmed in a really cool way. Other than scale, they aren’t doing anything that we don’t do. Their process is very much the same – their people are just like we are. I felt like anyone one of my team could have stepped into the chair at any moment and done just as well (if not better). Whenever someone asked Chris a question, I answered it in my head and then smiled when Chris said the same thing. It made me feel so grateful. Sometimes I forget how blessed I am to work with such extraordinary people with so much talent and today has reminded me of it.

I love my job, my team & my church. I am so blessed.